Exclusive Leads

This is our #1 most successful exclusive lead source to date!!! Don’t take our word…Watch client video testimonial click here.

Ad program overview:

  • 100% Exclusive leads.
  • 100% Exclusive live calls (Optional).
  • Leads are ONLY sold to you!
  • We can even brand you on the ‘thank you page after the form submission on our landing pages’ so that the lead knows who will be reaching out to help. If they like you and know you and trust you ‘easier to close’!
  • Leads are never ever resold at a later date ever! *Common industry practice is to resell leads after 30-60 days as many times as possible*.
  • Leads are generated specifically from Search Engine Ads… highest intent channel there is bar none! 
  • Search engine leads have the highest ‘intent’ as the consumer is the one taking action on their own. They are not responding to an ad but instead are the one’s actively in the market seeking a quote/more info!
  • Consumers come to our website for a quote + are interested in what you sell specifically. They go online and SEARCH for it! E.g best jumbo mortgage in La Jolla CA or highest annuity rates in Hoboken NJ etc.
  • Turn-key solution, we manage and host all landing pages, a/b split tests, technology, CRM integrations, scripts, codes, optimizations, ads etc. White glove service you don’t lift a finger.
  • Consumers will submit their Name/Phone Number/Email/Location information + specific details about the service you sell.
  • You pay the raw cost per lead. We do not add any mark up to the cost of the leads.
  • You set the ad budget. You set the maximum price per lead.
  • For example, if you set the cost per lead at $75 max, we will do our best to get your leads at that price ideally LESS/under… IF we get you a lead for $37.19, you pay the actual cost, not a penny higher.
  • Leads are delivered in real-time into your email as consumers complete the webforms.
  • We can post the leads into your CRM of choice.
  • We can text message you the leads in real-time.
  • Minimum expected closing rate of 5% if not much much higher. Some clients consistently closing at much higher rates!
  • We never cross-sell, up-sell, down-sell and or incentivize the leads to get a quote.
  • We never make false statements about the services your selling (e.g mortgage rates are 1.75%, annuity rates 19%, life insurance for $3/m $1M coverage).
  • We never disclose interest rates, fees, and or promise free reports on our landing pages.
  • We do not work with affiliates. All leads are generated in-house by AWR full-time marketing experts. 
  • Account set up takes only 1-2 days.
  • We have 10yr experience + have spent more than $1M on lead generation ads. Unlike other ad agencies who run ads for hair salons, gyms, dog day care… all we do is lead generation for Financial service companies!
  • This is not a test/beta program this is working for our clients!
  • TCPA compliant. FTC/FCC Compliant leads.
  • Compliant with all federal and state laws. Leads give you permission to call/text/email even if they are on the DNC list (they are opting in).
  • Our consumer-facing lead generation website is a 19yr brand name. A+ Rated BBB website.
  • 100% Fully customizable to your needs and very scalable.


Set up fee (one time charge).

AWR charges a management fee per month.

Reach out to find out exact pricing.