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Ad Program Unlimited Leads

The ad program is our #1 most successful exclusive lead source to date!!! Don’t take our word…Watch a client video testimonial below.

Ad program overview:

  • 100% exclusive leads.
  • 100% exclusive live calls (Optional).
  • We can generate calls only if you prefer (limited to mobile devices).
  • Leads are ONLY sold to you! Leads are never ever resold at a later date ever. 
  • Leads are generated specifically from paid Search Engine Marketing… highest intent change there is!
  • Search engine leads have the highest intent as the consumer is the one taking action and coming inbound into our sales funnel.
  • Consumers come to our website for a quote + are interested in what you sell specifically. They go online and search for it! E.g best jumbo mortgage in La Jolla CA or highest annuity rates in Hoboken NJ etc.
  • Turnkey solution, we manage and host all landing pages, a/b split tests, technology, integrations, scripting, optimizations etc.
  • Consumers will submit their Name/Phone Number/Email/Location info specific details about the service you sell.
  • You pay the raw cost per lead. We do not add any mark up to the cost of the leads.
  • You set the max cost per lead. 
  • For example, if you set the cost per lead at $20 max, we will do our best to get your leads at that price… IF we get you a lead for $7.19, you pay the actual cost.
  • Leads are delivered in real-time into your email as consumers complete the webforms.
  • We can post the leads into your CRM of choice (additional fees may apply).
  • Minimum expected closing rate of 10% if not much much higher. 
  • We never cross-sell, up-sell, or incentivize the leads to get a quote.
  • We never make false statements about the services your selling (e.g mortgage rates are 1%, annuity rates 19%).
  • We never disclose interest rates, fees, and or promise free reports on our landing pages.
  • We do not work with affiliates. All leads are generated in-house by AWR full-time marketing experts. 
  • Start receiving leads immediately. Account set up takes 1-2 days.
  • We have 8yr experience + have spent more than $1M on ads. This is not a test/beta program this is working for our clients!
  • TCPA compliant. FTC/FCC Compliant leads.
  • Compliant with all federal and state laws. Leads give you permission to call/text/email even if they are on the DNC list (they are opting in).
  • Our consumer-facing lead generation website is a 19yr brand name. A+ Rated BBB website.
  • More benefits/features not described here… speak to us to learn more details. 



$1K Set up fees currently WAIVED!

Our only fee is 30% of the ad program budget.