Aged Final Expense Leads

Aged Final Expense Leads: A Cost-Effective Option for Insurance Agents

Aged final expense leads offer a valuable alternative for insurance agents seeking a cost-effective way to generate qualified leads. These leads are typically 30 days or older and have been previously contacted by other agents but haven’t yet purchased a final expense policy.

Benefits of Aged Final Expense Leads:

  • Lower Cost: Aged leads are significantly cheaper than real-time leads, typically costing between $0.75 and $2.00 per lead. This allows agents to stretch their marketing budgets further and generate more leads for their investment.Pre-Qualified Interest: These leads have already expressed some interest in final expense insurance, making them more likely to be receptive to your sales pitch when compared to completely cold leads.Reduced Competition: Since other agents have already contacted them, the competition for these leads is generally lower, increasing your chances of connecting and closing the sale.Greater Lead Pool: A larger pool of aged leads is available compared to real-time leads, providing you with a wider range of potential clients.

Things to Consider with Aged Final Expense Leads:

  • Lead Quality: The quality of aged leads can vary considerably. Some leads may be further along in their buying journey and more receptive to your offer, while others may be less interested or have already purchased a policy elsewhere.Timeliness: It’s crucial to contact aged leads soon after acquiring them. The longer they remain uncontacted, the colder they become and the less likely they are to convert.Follow-Up Strategy: Develop a strong follow-up strategy to ensure you reach out to leads multiple times and nurture their interest in final expense insurance.

Strategies for Success with Aged Final Expense Leads:

  • Segment your leads: Group leads based on their demographics, interest level, and other relevant criteria to personalize your communication and outreach strategy.Utilize different communication channels: Don’t rely solely on phone calls. Utilize email, text messages, and even social media to connect with leads in their preferred communication channels.Highlight the benefits of aged leads: Emphasize the cost savings and potential for a smoother sales process due to their previous exposure to final expense insurance information.Track your results: Monitor your conversion rates and identify areas for improvement in your lead acquisition and outreach strategies.

Where to Find Aged Final Expense Leads:

  • Lead aggregator platforms: Several online platforms specialize in providing aged leads for various industries, including final expense insurance.Direct mail marketing companies: Some companies offer aged leads generated through targeted direct mail campaigns.Insurance marketing agencies: Many agencies offer aged leads as part of their comprehensive marketing services for insurance agents.


Aged final expense leads can be a valuable tool for insurance agents seeking to generate qualified leads at a cost-effective price. By understanding the benefits and challenges of aged leads, implementing effective strategies, and utilizing the right resources, agents can leverage this approach to expand their reach, increase sales, and achieve their business goals.