Annuity Leads Preset Appointments

Exclusive Annuity Leads Preset Appointments

  • AWR will preset an appointment either at your office or the consumers home.
  • AWR will confirm the in person appointment 24-48hr before you attend the meeting.
  • IF for any reason a consumer re-schedules or is a no show you will not be billed for the lead.
  • We can ask specific questions you provide us to qualify these leads including if they already have a financial advisor.
  • 100% of prospects requested quotes online SPECIFICALLY for an annuity quote.
  • We never disclose to consumers fake annuity rates (our competitors are saying annuity rates are 8%+). We also don’t promote a ‘free report’.
  • We can post the leads into your CRM of choice.
  • Minimum expected closing rate 20-50%.
  • Our call center validates the data over the phone for accuracy.
  • We guarantee that you will never have to pay for a lead with a bad name or false contact information.
  • TCPA compliant, Internet generated leads.
  • A+ Rated BBB website. 0 complaints.