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7 reasons why All Web Referrals has the best commercial mortgage lead generation program in the US:

  1. No upfront payment required to start receiving our leads.
  2. 100% exclusive. The leads are not sold shared to other brokers/lenders.
  3. Live transfers are available.
  4. We never use illegal or spammy ways to generate our leads (no robo dialers, no social networks, no incentives). All of our commercial mortgage leads are generated online through inbound channels.
  5. Received an invalid lead (bad phone number, not interested, no qualified?). We accept returns and we do not cap returns.
  6. We don’t ask for a kickback or a % of your commission. You receive the lead, you work the lead, you close the deals, and the commissions belong 100% to you.
  7. We accept credit cards to pay for valid leads.

Are you sick and tired of working with spammy lead generation companies that promise the world and never deliver quality leads. Did you know that most lead generation companies are an outright scam. Many are extremely successful in tricking brokers/lenders to sign up, pay very little for a ‘fresh lead’, and ultimately never deliver any leads or send leads that have NO interest (or are not qualified). After you have paid them through a check or wire, there is no way to recover your funds. Most of these companies selling cheap leads are employing robo-dialers which are in violation of federal laws and could easily get you sued by a consumer for a fine up to $10K.

Even internet generate leads can be spammy and or a complete waste of time. Commercial mtg leads need to come with an easy to return policy for bad leads if not you will loose a fortune weeding through bad leads. Most internet lead gen. companies charge very little for leads that are shared (sold many times over) creating unneeded competition and making it near impossible to close a commercial loan deal. Most of these spammy internet lead gen companies receive most of their leads through social networks (where the consumer is less likely to convert into a deal) and or through incentives or co-reg. Co-registration is when a consumer fills out a form regarding one topic but those websites work together to then cross-sell or upsell the idea of getting a free quote for y product/service. Most of these consumers will be annoyed that you called and complaint to never call them again (waste of time for you).

All Web Referrals is on a mission to create the highest quality lead generation company in the US. We don’t aim to be the largest lead company but the best in terms of closing rates (number of leads that turn into deals). We keep our strategy very simple. Be in front of consumers who are searching for information on commercial mortgages and present them with the opportunity to speak to you – a commercial mortgage expert – by completing one short form.

As a direct to consume website with a strong brand name and online presence commercial mortgage applicants come to our website looking for quotes/rates/more information. We employ search engine marketing and other online marketing strategies to be in front of those searching for commercial mortgage information. When these individuals have questions and or are looking to receive a free quote, they fill out one of our secured forms requesting a call back.

All Web Referrals is the only commercial loan lead provider that will allow those who sign up to our platform to work a lead first before making a payment. You tell us when a lead is valid and when it needs to be returned for x.y.z reason. We believe in our leads and we stand behind them and our brand. If you receive a bad lead you won’t be charged. We are very reasonable and we understand that not every lead will be a billable lead. This allows you to focus exclusively on working these potential deals to the best of your ability, knowing that you have a lead partner that is not going to nickel and dime you. For those brokers/lenders who want the absolutely best lead and don’t want to waste any time calling a lead back etc we have an exclusive live transfer commercial mortgage lead program. This is where we do all the qualifying or initial phone call to make sure there is interest in a quote and that the individual is ready to talk to you. We then proceed to connecting all parties to a conference call and make the introductions.

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