Frequently Asked Questions:

How long have you been in business?

AllWebReferrals has been in business since 2011. 

Are you owned by xyz other lead company or affiliated in any way?

NO. Please note that AllWebReferrals is owned and operated independently and we have zero connections to any other lead generation company. 

Do you generate your own leads or do you buy them from affiliate marketers?

All of our leads are generated in-house (we do not buy leads from other lead companies or affiliate marketers ever)!

Do you have any client references?

´╗┐Yes we do, view here. Getting clients in the leads industry to generate feedback is quite challenging as those who are doing well don’t want others to learn about their ‘source’ of deals!

Are you BBB rated?

Yes visit BBB.

Do I have to pre-pay for leads?


Why is there an account set up fee?

Our tech team is responsible for setting your account up not only in our back end lead system but also to integrate this with your CRM of choice. This may take up to 48 hours. You can email the posting URL and field names to [email protected]

We charge a one time flat fee of $799 to compensate for the integration.

Some of our competitors charge up to $10k sign up fee. 

How long until I start receiving my leads?

If the leads are data/lists, triggers, aged web leads you will receive them in 24-48hr as a csv file. 

For real time internet leads and live transfer leads we will have your account ready in 48hr to start receiving leads. 

Depending on the lead type you have chosen and your market size (are you in 1 city or nationwide) that will determine lead flow. No matter how large your order is we will attempt to complete it within a calendar month. If you have a tiny order we will try to complete it within days!

Our focus is always on quality and not quantity so bear with us if you want MORE of our leads… we will be trying our harders in 2018 to ramp up volume!

Are there any minimums orders?

Updated Oct 6th we are waiving minimum order requirements.

AWR minimum order is 20 leads real time leads (internet leads/live transfer leads). 

For aged web leads we recommend a minimum of 100+ leads.

For data/lists or trigger leads we recommend 200-300 as a minimum order. 

The reason we maintain a minimum order is to make sure we are working with clients with a realistic expectation of turning leads into deals. We believe that with 20 real time leads you will walk away with deals and become a long term client!

What is the return policy?

You may return leads real time internet that are unreachable due to invalid phone number and email. 

Each lead type may have specific reasons for additional returns please read the description of that specific lead type (on that lead types page). For e.g, reverse mortgage internet leads may also be returned (for a replacement lead) bc of 

  • under 62 / not enough equity / mobile home / bad ph# / bad email / bogus.

Please note that triggers leads, data list leads, and aged web leads are sold AS IS. 

What payment methods are accepted?

Our preferred payment methods are:

1. Bank Wire

2. Bank Deposit

3. Check

4. Zelle 

5. ACH (coming soon to our online portal)

Can I pay with credit card?

Yes, we can accept credit cards payments for live transfer leads.

AWR reserve the right to deny this payment method for clients who have a high chargeback/return rate.

How do you generate your internet leads?

What sets us apart from the industry is that 95% or more of our leads are generated from search engine marketing. This means a consumer is literally typing in ‘ get a quote for xyz ‘ xyz being whatever service you sell. We don’t cross sell or up sell leads, they are all directly generated. For example, if you buy our reverse mortgage internet leads you are getting seniors who are online actively searching for a reverse mortgage and who have given us their information for a quote.

Many lead companies are taking a refinance lead and selling it as a potential reverse mortgage lead (cross selling). Others are generating a refi lead, speaking to the lead to see if they are also open to a reverse mortgage (up selling). We don’t use these tactics. When we generate a real time internet lead they are interested in that specific quote.

We believe that when a consumer is searching for a quote this is the highest intent and thus helps the closing rate. The other 5% of our lead generation are display ads (usually based on demographics and web behavior/actions) that are relevant to xyz service and consumers who are interested in a quote click and give us their info as well. 

We never disclose rates/fees and or make any promises with our landing pages. We mainly tell consumers that we have built a comparison shopping platform that matches them to real time quotes.

How do you generate your live transfer leads?

Our live transfers are all sold as exclusive leads. We follow the same process as above (leads are still generated online). The main difference is that consumers call into a toll free number, go through a questionnaire (IVR/phone tree), and only those that are in your area and want a quote are live transferred to you directly. 

There are no agents on our end (no call center). This increases the quality of the lead as an agent is incentivized and paid for live transfers so we have found that many will steer a consumer to get a quote (even if not really interested). You don’t have to worry about that with AWR live transfers. These are direct from consumer calling in, being qualified by our phone technology, then delivered into your sales floor ready for a quote/more info.

Are lead exclusive or shared?

Please read the description of the lead type you are looking to purchase, it will say the lead is either semi-exclusive (sold to a max of 2 other companies) and or 100% exclusive (sold to you only)! We sell both exclusive leads and shared.

We don’t call our leads shared because typicaly shared lead vendors sell their leads too many times over (even real time leads we hear are sold 6+ times). We prefer to name them semi-exclusive as they are sent to a limited number of potential companies (3 in total).

Also please keep this in mind, most lead companies won’t share this with you…  Just because you buy a lead exclusively through AWR that doesn’t mean we can somehow block that consumer from getting other quotes both online and or offline. Most of our websites are telling consumers to get 2-3 quotes (we believe this is the right number of quotes to help a consumer make a decision). We have found consumers who get 2-3 quotes actually make a decision faster (vs consumers who get less quotes and or way more quotes = usually these consumers delay the decision).