HECM to HECM Reverse Mortgage Leads

We have a database of 250K reverse mortgage holders who are prime candidates for a HECM to HECM refinance or some investment opportunities. 

  • Seniors over 62 who have an existing reverse mortgage loan on their property or received cash out payment from a reverse mortgage.
  • They are open to doing a reverse to reverse (Hecm to Hecm) to accessing new equity. Some may be qualified for a hecm to home safe.
  • Expected closing rate of 1% or higher (Cost per funded loan $300 or less).
  • Buy 100 leads close 1 and you should 20X+ your investment.¬†
  • Unlimited filters may be applied. Age, LTV *extra fees apply mtg balances, home values.
  • Data was scrubbed against the DNC list.
  • AWR is A+ Rated BBB website. 0 complaints.¬†
  • All Sales Final for aged leads.