How Works

All Web Referrals utilizes the power of search engine marketing (Google) leads to generate client sales through a multi-step process. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Targeted Keyword Research: All Web Referrals identifies relevant keywords and search terms related to their clients’ products or services. They conduct thorough research to understand the search behavior and intent of potential customers in their target market.
  2. Ad Campaign Creation: All Web Referrals creates targeted ad campaigns on Google’s advertising platform, such as Google Ads. These campaigns are designed to appear prominently in search results when users search for the specific keywords identified in the research phase.
  3. Lead Capture: When a user clicks on one of the ads, they are directed to a landing page or a dedicated web form where they can provide their contact information and request quotes or more information. All Web Referrals employs conversion optimization techniques to encourage users to complete the form and submit their details.
  4. Lead Qualification: All Web Referrals applies a lead qualification process to ensure the quality and relevance of the leads generated from our google ads. This may include but is not limited to a 10K+ negative keyword list to avoid any tire kickers and competitors from clicking on our ads (for eg, searches around employment/jobs).
  5. Client Follow-up and Conversion: It is then up to the client to follow up with the leads, engage in meaningful conversations, and nurture them through the sales process. By leveraging the contact information and the expressed interest of the leads, clients can tailor their sales approach and make compelling offers to increase the likelihood of conversion.

By leveraging Google search leads, All Web Referrals taps into a vast pool of potential customers actively seeking products or services. Their targeted ad campaigns and lead capture process ensure that they attract qualified leads with a higher potential for conversion. Through the live lead transfer system, All Web Referrals enables clients to promptly engage with interested prospects, maximizing their chances of turning leads into paying customers.

Ultimately, the success of generating client sales through Google search leads depends on the client’s ability to effectively follow up with and convert the leads provided by All Web Referrals. The combination of targeted advertising, lead capture, qualification, and live lead transfer (additional fees may apply) helps facilitate the process, but it’s the client’s sales efforts that ultimately drive the conversion and generate sales.