Lead Replacement Policy

AWR, All Web Referrals understand the importance of high-quality leads for the growth of your business. While we strive to provide the best possible leads, we also acknowledge that not all leads might meet your specific needs or expectations. As such, we have instituted a lead replacement policy to address any potential discrepancies.

Policy Overview

Our lead replacement policy applies only to live call transfer leads. For exclusive internet leads or data leads, please note that all sales are final and no replacements will be provided. We strongly advise you to verify all the details before proceeding with the purchase order.

Live Call Transfer Leads

For our live call transfer leads, we provide a window of 2 minutes from the time of call connection (called Buffer Time). During this period, you have the option to accept or decline the lead based on its suitability for your business.

If you decide to decline the lead within this timeframe, you are eligible to request a replacement lead.

Lead Replacement Process

  1. You may decline leads while on the phone with the prospect by politing explaining to the lead that it’s not a good fit and or by being specific as to why you can’t help them.
  2. You are NOT required to provide a reason for the decline. If you can, this will help us better understand your needs and improve the quality of future leads.
  3. Once we receive your decline notification from our call center, we will replace the lead at no additional cost.

Policy Limitations

Please note that you cannot request a replacement after the initial 2-minute period of the live call transfer has passed. We consider any leads accepted after this period as valid and they cannot be replaced.

We treat you how we would want to be treated!

Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and success. We believe that by providing you with the opportunity to evaluate live call transfer leads, we can better cater to your specific requirements.

We appreciate your understanding and adherence to this policy. For any further questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service team.