Lead Return Policy

AWR (AllWebReferrals) Lead Return Policy 2020.
We want you to be well informed and confident that you have chosen the right lead partner to grow your business in 2020.
Our mission is to provide qualified, interested, ready for a quote! Lead and to solve your lead headaches! Closing deals is your expertise and our’s is generating the high intent ready to go lead.

Rather than hide our Return Policy from our customers, we have made it easily accessible for your review. 

Please make sure you understand which leads may be submitted for credit. 

To return a lead, simply email us the lead you need to return for credit.
Email us (support @ allwebreferrals.com *we added spaces to not get spammed* ) with the appropriate reason for returning the lead, and please be sure to provide us with as much information as possible in the comments to help us improve our leads.

We want you to have sufficient time to work your leads, so we provide you with 5 business days to return a lead.

We can credit your account for the following reasons:
The phone number provided is disconnected, fax, or “wrong number”.
Lead is a duplicate already received.
Contact is another Broker/LO/Agent testing the system.
Contact is a student researching a school project.
The contact information is obviously incorrect upon initial inspection (Mickey Mouse,asdf, etc.).
A language barrier exists with the contact.

All leads are independently verified to ensure they are valid and meet the return criteria. 
We make up to 2 attempts at different times of the day to verify leads submitted for credit. 
Leads are verified during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. 
Please allow up to 5 business days to validate a lead for credit. 

Credits for bad leads covered under the Return Policy are applied towards your account balance and are good towards future lead purchases only.
Unfortunately, NOT all lead types are allowed to be returned or exchanged for credits, such as lead from the following programs: Ad program leads, live call transfers & data.