Live Call Transfer Leads

Looking for an exclusive source of warm/hot live call transfers? Awesome, you have found All Web Referrals! We are happy to serve you grow your sales with our real-time call leads. We have been generating live leads exclusively for our clients for the last decade (actually longer but who’s counting).
We own and operate our own call centers and we do not work with affiliates (so we can always control the quality). Our call centers will make your phone ring with real potential clients for you to simply close! We even give you the ability to speak to the lead(s) to make sure you want to work with that specific client before you accept the lead (buffer time – read below for an explanation and some restrictions apply).

If you are having a hard time getting a hold of web leads this may be the solution for you. If you are tired of cold calling this may be the right solution for you. If you are confident you can close leads right over the phone and just need qualified prospects to talk to this may be the solution you are looking for! Check out our client review/testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Minimum number of leads to buy for a test? 10, if you are not satisfied after approving 5 live calls you won’t be a good fit for us. After 10 calls you should be building up your pipeline and or closing some of those.

Are exclusive warm live calls the best type of leads? Yes, mainly because the leads are live on the phone ready to speak to you the licensed salesperson to be sold. If you ever bought internet leads and had issues getting folks on the phone this will resolve that issue (sometimes it’s bc your internet lead provider is selling the leads shared too aggressively not necessarily that internet leads are worse etc). For exclusive internet leads send us an email as well.

Are these online generated? No, most live leads are not only generated from online internet leads but also from telemarketing call centers cold calling (outreach) to potential prospects based on DNC scrubbed data (or opted in data). All Web Referrals owns a data company so this helps us a ton! We utilize trigger data, aged web leads, county data, or from public sources to identify the perfect prospects for you to connect you live on a call so you can sit back and close the client!

Are live call leads legal? We follow every single FTC/FCC, telemarketing law code there is in the US. Yes it is legal to call on potential leads, make sure they are qualified, interested, and ready for a quote and transfer them over to a licensed closer.

Expected closing rate? 10% or much higher, this really depends on each salesperson. Good closers can do 20%+. Rockstar sales people can do 30%+ closing rates consistently.

Are there any refunds for bad leads? We operate the live call transfers on a buffer time, so you have 60 seconds to speak to a lead before you decide to keep or decline (the purpose of the buffer time is only for you to make sure that its a valid/workable lead)! If a lead is non workable you can actually hang up the call (under the buffer time) and there’s no account charge for that lead. *If you pitch the lead a price (rate quote etc) and or ask for personal information you have automatically accepted that lead, regardless of buffer time, which you can at any time under your discretion.

Please note that are no cash refunds, all sales final!