Pricing is NOT as important as you think when purchasing leads. This is actually a mental trick employed by lead companies to confuse you and mislead you into buying their cheaper leads / and buying more of them… but it does NOT guarantee you any results. You will be burned out as well with that approach, here let me show you the math:

For example, if you bought 100 ‘Cheap’ leads *usually its social media and or aged or cold called etc* for $9 and only closed 2 (let’s say your commission is $500) you have made $100 in profits.

Meanwhile… if you buy a premium live lead and close at 25% ‘close rate’ meaning you landed 25 new clients (still buying 100 leads), you would have made $12,500 for that month (so even if the leads costs you half *higher lead price right*) you will make WAY more profits/faster (in same time frame — allowing you to do this 6-12 times per year)… and its Safer too! Higher quality live leads close at a much much higher rate vs buying fB leads and or aged leads. Those you can try to close 1-5% max, live leads can be closed at 20-50%+.

So price is not the most important factor at all! as illustrated above towards building your book of business and growing your personal income! We guarantee our leads and give you a 2 minute buffer time as well. Let’s talk if you want to 10X your income this year with All Web Referrals.