How are our leads generated and our entire process to create a hot live lead!

  1. Leads are generated online. We don’t disclose our entire secret sauce but think consumers searching deep funnel keywords and high intent ads that are relevant to your ‘financial services’ product offering. We are also creative in generating a high number of opted in leads that allow us to reach broader audiences and as we have ‘conversations’ with these opted-in leads we can generate exclusive live leads to specific ‘financial services’ products based on the clients needs/demands.
  2. CSR – customer support reps, reach out to these compliant opted in leads (if leads are aged they have to be under 90 days old) in order to make sure they are ready and willing to have a conversation around getting a quote!
  3. Double verification – We are one of the few lead companies to ‘double verify’ our leads. We use techonology and human efforst to make sure every lead is opted in, compliant, ready for a quote, qualified, and interested. The verification team job is to make sure we are not going to waste your precious time!
  4. Live call transfer lead process – Once a lead meets all the above steps and only if they have time for a quote, we will connect the phone call live with ‘you’ the licensed sales agent so you can provide them with a free quote estimate.
  5. Buffer time – as an added protection our live leads come with a 4 minute buffer time! We have the highest buffer time in the industry because we want our licensed sales agents to have a very high close rate (25-33% or much higher)! We have proof of clients closing as high as 70% consistently which is un-hear of!
  6. Returns / Declines – we don’t waste your time, if you feel like a lead is not going to be a good fit for your buinsess, you just terminate the call in under 4 minutes. We will automatically approve your leads as returned! and theres No charge for that lead. *Other lead companies make you beg for returns and they never give you credits and waste your time going back and forth to not approve your returns!*
  7. Clients / Build your Book – at the end of the day, All Web Referrals is the most effective and efficient way to grow your book of business! What more could any sales agent ask for than a live lead, with a buffer time, who is interested in a quote exclusively from you! This is designed to be ‘too good to be true’ on purpose and we look forward to serving you!