Real Estate Internet Leads

Real estate leads 100% exclusively internet generated.

  • 100% of prospects requested quotes online SPECIFICALLY for a¬†real estate transaction (buy/sell).¬†
  • IF for any reason this is a cross sell lead (someone looking for a mtg but doesn’t have a real estate agent) we will confirm their need for a real estate agent (desire + intent to engage with you!) Only consumers who don’t have and want a real estate agent will be connected to you!
  • Exclusively sold.
  • Receive leads within seconds of requesting a quote.
  • Expected closing rate 5% or much higher (cost per¬†listing¬†$1000 or less).
  • Semi exclusive real time leads generated from consumers searching for sell my home + city (or buy home in city)!¬†
  • Electronically validated data through our lead system and free access to our CRM to manage your leads.
  • Returns accepted for¬†bad ph# / bad email / bogus.
  • We guarantee that you will never have to pay for a lead with a bad name or false contact information.
  • TCPA compliant, Internet generated leads.
  • A+ Rated BBB website. 0 complaints.¬†