All Web Referrals Exclusive Reverse Mortgage Leads. Web Generated + Live Transfers.

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Reverse Mortgage Credit Bureau Trigger Leads

Reverse Mortgage Credit Bureau Trigger Leads

Aged Internet Reverse Mortgage Leads
Aged Internet Reverse Mortgage Leads
HECM to HECM Reverse Mortgage Leads
HECM to HECM Reverse Mortgage Leads
Reverse Mortgage Internet Leads
Reverse Mortgage Internet Leads
Reverse Mortgage Leads Live Transfer
Reverse Mortgage Leads Live Transfer
Unlimited Reverse Mortgage Leads
Unlimited Reverse Mortgage Leads

We operate one of the highest ranked reverse mortgage websites in the US through our high ranking search engine optimization efforts.

Don’t take our word, head over to Google/Yahoo/Bing, search for a ‘reverse mortgage quote’ and look for our website Click Quote Save. 

We usually rank in the #1 position for seniors looking for a reverse mortgage quote (right below the ads). Do you think that a senior homeowner who is looking up that term is interested? You bet!

This is a high intent keyword. Consumers who find us want not only a quote from you but they want a reverse mortgage loan. The only real question is can you close?

Not to mention we have other websites with other high keyword rankings and the most important point here is that seniors come to us for quotes.

Keep in mind that to replicate the above you are competing against companies that make hundreds of millions in revenues and have dedicated reverse mortgage marketing teams. We have over 6+ yr online marketing experience and over $500K invested into our platform. 

We measure our success by client feedback (see the link at the top of our website for actual reverse leads clients testimonials), by our leads conversion rates into deals, and by renewal rates (right now 95%+ of our clients renew). 

NOT to mention if you receive a bad lead (it happens unfortunately) we will replace it. We believe a real time internet lead should be a workable deal! Our system does a great job of validating the consumers information in real time. Validating ph#, address, and even IP address. Please rest assured you will never ever pay for a bad lead with us. 

What sets us apart from other lead companies is that we are the direct source of leads. We never ever buy leads from other lead companies. All of our leads are generated in-house. Also we don’t engage with any sort of deceptive marketing and or incentivize based marketing ever! 

Our main source of leads are search engine and specifically through our ability as marketers to rank organically. 

We have the highest quality leads since consumers come to us requesting quotes. There may be larger lead companies who can generate more leads than us but they also sell a lead over ten times versus our three sell max. The larger the lead company the more times they have to sell a lead in order to cover their CEO million dollars salary. Don’t get fooled into buying their leads, we are a small boutique family owned firm, that has a direct source of reverse leads.

We know consumers who are serious comparison shop these deals and by us selling selling the leads to a max of three lenders we can capture more of our advertising money back faster to generate the next lead. As long as consumer’s are choosing lenders in our network it’s a win win win. You really don’t need that many closings for you to make 10-20X ROI on your lead spend. 

Watch out for lead providers who are violating the law in order to generate your leads. By AWR focusing solely on inbound leads we are compliant with any and all laws. We even have a NMLS # (we don’t do loans) just to be compliant with generating web leads.

Also please note that we don’t sell our leads to other lead companies. We don’t sell our leads to any organization besides licensed LOs lenders. 

Our live transfer leads have some of the highest closing rates in the industry. We not only generate these leads online, then pass them through our FL call center, to only connect you to the most qualified/interested HECM reverse prospects. We hardly ever have any returns with this lead type and we guarantee 100% contact rate. This lead type works well for large branches that are set up to receive incoming live calls. 

If your serious about growing your reverse mortgage business feel free to give us a call at (888) 241-0468


























ALL WEB REFERRALS has for the last five consecutive years provided reverse mortgage leads to 7 out of the top 10 HECM lenders. Our leads are exclusive, and internet generated from major search engines. Our web to live transfer HECM leads has the industry highest closing ratio. Close more HECM loans this month.

ALL WEB REFERRALS has an in-house team of internet marketing experts whose sole mission is to increase our web presence to acquire more leads at higher quality. Our leads are sold on an exclusive basis providing you with the highest probability of closing an HECM deal. Want to know how we generate a lead – simply go to any search engine and type in ‘reverse mortgage quote’ our website ranks for competitive terms and interested seniors fill out our forms. As of today we have some 650+ keyword rankings in Google the largest search engine in the US. If you go to google and search for the keyword ‘reverse mortgage quote’ you will see live ranking it should at the top of Google ranking.

Below are some key factors about our reverse mortgage leads:

  • Educated seniors who have reviewed the material on our websites (some spend 5-20 min reading the content online before submitting a quote form).
  • All the seniors are at least 62 years of age if not older.
  • All seniors have enough equity to qualify.
  • Properties meet HUD/FHA program requirements.
  • Borrowers are interested and are awaiting a call from you (never receive a “uhm why are you calling me”).
  • These are highest converting leads money can buy. They are exclusive, and internet generated. Through our live transfer program you can expect one out of four leads to close (we are factoring in deals that take longer than one month to close in this figure). *Buying larger number of leads allows for you to be more consistent with your closing ratio as well.*
  • Are ALL WEB REFERRALS HECM leads exclusive? (You are the only one buying the lead period and we do not resell it).
  • If the borrower is not interested or does not answer your call within a reasonable time-frame, the lead is returnable (check out our return policy below it’s the best in the industry).
  • All the leads are generated from our websites (seniors come directly to us, this in itself leads to higher quality deals). Our leads are essentially referrals from us to you.
  • We have no incentives to capture borrower’s information (others companies promise a free DVD or a free trip to Las Vegas, we never incentive our leads). Some lenders in this space promote prizes to get seniors to sign up, we do not. We only focus on generating leads from potential borrowers who are searching for information (versus those who generate leads from Facebook or other social media websites).
  • All the leads will be qualified HECM prospects, if not, you can return the lead and receive one that is qualified/interested.
  • We provide each and every client with a backend office CRM system that allows them to check their leads online and to return leads as well.
  • You can filter leads by state. Need filtering by city we may be able to make that happen if the state is large such as CA.
  • All of ALL WEB REFERRALS HECM leads are fresh, how fresh you ask? Like they came in 20 seconds ago and go straight to your email inbox or CRM. We use an internal lead software which scrubs and grades the leads before you receive any of them.
  • No long contracts involved, pay for your leads upfront no long term commitments on your end.
  • We never buy leads from other lead sellers or through our competitors. We have our channels, and we do not ever compromise on quality or control (we are privately owned and have no debt).
  • Most lead vendors in this space sell their leads multiple times over as shared leads we don’t.
  • Many also sell each other leads in real time so that the other lead vendor can also sell a lead 1-4 times over. This kills your ability to close a deal.
  • Leads can easily be returned hassle-free, we consider a lead to be a qualified prospect with which you have a high chance of being able to do business with, its that simple.

What you will no longer have to worry about on a daily basis with ALL WEB REFERRALS leads.

  • You don’t have to code/design/maintain a website.
  • No more managing online advertising campaigns.
  • No more learning search engine marketing, more time to develop your business!
  • Stop paying for every click or impression.
  • No more trying to “get the word out” on your services.
  • No more cold calling.
  • No more buying shady leads from offshore call centers who are 10/10 times breaking US FTC/FCC laws.
  • No more robo calling consumers and breaking the laws (many call centers do this and won’t even tell you until you get slapped with a fine).
  • No more sweating over click through rates or conversion rates. No more worrying about paying for an invalid click or a bad lead.
  • No more worrying about cross device website design.
  • No more having to worry about conversion rate optimization or creating hundreds of landing pages.
  • No large investments required to get started, we even accept credit cards.

Upfront “Stress Free” Return Policy

ALL WEB REFERRALS leads are automatically returned when any of the following issues are encountered:

  • the property does not meet FHA/HUD requirements
  • the homes value is below $100,000
  • the borrower is not interested upon first contact
  • the phone number and e-mail does not work
  • mobile homes (unless you want those leads)

Where do your leads come from? 

Our leads are generated from our websites; we operate nationwide, and we are currently supplying some of the top HECM lenders with these organic HECM leads. We do not buy leads off other vendors (some of our competitors do this), there are no tricks or bribes used to generate our leads. We mainly employ search engine optimization which is probably the most expensive channel to acquire a lead in. We have over one million dollars invested into online marketing in the reverse mortgage sector alone.

Our websites are visited by seniors who are searching for more information about the reverse mortgage. These seniors are interested in the HECM loan and want to speak to you to learn more about the reverse mortgage program.

Our leads close for the following reasons:

  • Seniors come to our websites on their own
  • Leads are never resold they are exclusive
  • Easy return policy
  • Transparency in how we generate leads
  • Free CRM back end lead tracking
  • Three year’s online lead generation experience for reverse loans

We only sell exclusive HECM reverse mortgage leads. Careful going with a vendor that sells all different types of leads.

We will NEVER resell our leads; they are 100% exclusive. This is a strict policy of ours but most importantly it goes back to our core values of being a lead company which delivers. Exclusivity guarantees a high ROI (return on investment) for you. Our reverse mortgage leads are fresh (generated through seniors searching online) delivered to you in minutes.

We are constantly improving and upgrading our formulas so only the best leads are sent to your team directly.

Other companies sell leads to multiple lenders at the same time, over and again (as long as the borrower is receptive to keep shopping). With a lot of our management team having a history in the mortgage industry (forward mortgages),  we understand how difficult it can be fighting for a client.  We have also experienced how much more pleasant it is to work with a client whom you have built a relationship with from day 1 (without any interferences from other lenders).

We are passionate about connecting the right reverse mortgage providers to the right candidates. We work extremely hard to make our site the #1 website for reverse mortgages. We believe that ALL WEB REFERRALS is a place where potential borrowers can come to learn all about the reverse mortgage program, including the advantages/disadvantages, the process of applying, myths and any other information regarding the program. We are continually updating and adding new information to our site.We offer direct contacts to potential reverse mortgage borrowers.

These seniors are ready and willing to discuss their options, have sufficient equity, and have homes that are valued above well $100,000 (most are worth in the range of $300-$600K).

Our prices are extremely realistic for the quality we offer; such quality leads are being sold by other lead sellers for up to $350. Some lead vendors are also mortgage lending companies who try to contact the potential borrower to do a loan (we only sell leads). Be wary of competitors selling leads for cheap, most are outright scams looking to take your money and run. Others are generating leads using methods that for the most part are illegal and outdated. Those selling non-exclusive leads tend to sell a lead more than 3-4 times causing the senior to freeze and not take action. For the HECM reverse mortgage seniors need to be walked through the process and work with one reputable company from the start, hopefully, that is you.

Some of the ways the cheaper lead providers do lead generation:

  • Spam emails. Illegal mass email offers that are in violation of the CAN-SPAM ACT.
  • Banner ads or cheaper display ads whereby the person is looking online for something other than getting an HECM info.
  • Co-registration offers. After completing a form for any other service, they are asked if they also want a HECM DVD.
  • Incentive based ads online – “click here for your free DVD” or “free trip”.
  • Cold calling or robo dialing which is illegal. You will get sued very easily by savvy seniors and expect to settle for $1500 on each call. You can have your license revoked for breaking this federal law. Even outsourcing the job can lead to you being sued – and not the foreign/offshore company.
  • Direct mailers that give away free lunch coupon for a senior for more information.
  • Free lunch event for X reason when in reality we want to sell you on Y.
  • Appointments: Please avoid any company promising to make an appointment for a reverse mortgage. We have been advised by some 3-5 different brokers that these leads are a scam and that any company promising to make an appointment for you to visit a senior at their home is a scam. Research the company name + scams online and look for review before sending them money. Any lead company as for upfront cash/check/wire is most likely a scam lead company.

Our leads are generated from our website. The borrower themselves (or a family member) has found our website and has personally inputted there information on the site. They will have found our site through popular search engines (Google, Yahoo or Bing) whilst searching for information about the reverse mortgage program.

”Dominate your State” allows any broker/lender to control their entire state by being the only lead buyer for that particular state to receive our leads. The minimum order of leads per month depends on many factors, please contact us in order to get more info. If you are buying leads from us and one of your competitors wants that state, they may be able to dominate the state and kick you out of our network for a period. We recommend that all serious lead buyers at least find out how the program can work for them and if it is available.

By Dominating your State, you will be the only lender in that state who can receive our leads for that particular geography. This is a great method for those looking to grab more market share and fast.

Reverse mortgage lists

Interested in cold calling clients who are NOT on the national DNC. We can provide you with lists of data of potentially qualified seniors if you are interested in that option. These are not warm leads but instead a very cheap way to get your foot in the door and to have a list to cold call on. You will get deals this way but there is a ton of manual work involved. If you hire an external telemarketer that is probably the best way to go through this route.

Reverse Mortgage Email Marketing

We do not have any reverse mortgage email marketing programs available. Be careful with email marketing to consumers as there are laws to protect consumers in this channel.

Reverse Mortgage Direct Mail

We have tried direct mail in the past but our economics did not make sense. If you are a licensed lender this may be an option for you to generate leads. Response rates are very low, it is quite expensive to get started, and ultimately its a risky venture if no one gives you a call back (and or turns into a deal). You are better off purchasing reverse mortgage leads. You can purchase a list through us and then pick a direct mail company to assist in the creation of the mail piece.

Shared Reverse Mortgage Leads

We don’t sell shared leads. There are some online HECM vendors selling shared leads for reverse mortgages. These tend to be lower closing rate compared to exclusive leads but also cheaper in price. These leads may require more work as the consumers are shopping around from the start and are receiving multiple phone calls. Will a shared lead vendor accept a return on a lead where the consumer is tired of receiving quotes? we are not sure, but you may want to find out before sining up with them.

Reverse Mortgage Call Centers – Cold Calling – Live Transfers from Call Centers Offshore/Onshore

We used to sell live transfers from call centers. What we found is that the closing rate is very low with these leads. The risk is high to generate these leads as you may be in violation of national telemarketing laws. Even if you outsource this to another country you can still very easily get sued. Most call centers are using a robo dialer and this is illegal. If you hear the words ‘press 1 campaign’ and or if you ask the leads that come in if they heard a pre-recorded message that is a clear sign that the call center is breaking the law. You should avoid this channel as each fine is $10k and it may cost you your licensed as well.

Our main focus is to generate high quality exclusive leads for All Web Referralsly from the search engines.

Exclusive Reverse Mortgage Leads Pricing

We have two programs

1.) Exclusive reverse mortgage internet leads

2.) Exclusive live transfer reverse mortgage leads (these start off as internet leads #1)).

Bulk Discounts Are Available for Nationwide Lead Buyers.

Complete the form on this page to receive more information including prices and availability for your area.

Commonly asked questions about ALL WEB REFERRALS’s HECM leads:

How many times are these reverse mortgage leads sold?

Our leads are 100% completely exclusive to each loan officer/company and we never resell the leads.

What happens if a consumer fills out more than one form online?

We can’t control or police the web. Some consumers may decide to fill out a competitors website form to receive more information or have already received a quote and are shopping around by the time they come to us. We have had zero complaints for leads where the consumer mentioned that they are getting too many calls regarding their request etc.

We have built a piece of software that calls our call center when a new lead is captured online. We do our best to always be the first company to speak to a senior regarding a reverse mortgage online. If we find out that they are shopping around we will let you know when making the introduction so you can price your quote competitively.

We have sold thousands of leads in 2015 and we have had only a handful of complaints from our lenders regarding leads that are being contacted

Why don’t you sell shared leads?

The main reason is that shared leads puts consumers off from taking action as they are initially bombarded by sales call to the point where they simply have to postpone their decision making (and change their phone numbers). Competition is good but we prefer working with and finding lenders that we can trust to take care of our consumers who come to our website. We have found that pricing difference isn’t all that great between banks so we believe its in the best interest of senior to avoid websites that sell their information 4-6 times over as this can

How do I receive my leads?

Lead are delivered through our in-house built CRM. You will have access to our CRM at no additional cost. Leads will also be emailed shortly after the transfer is made so the leads info is in your inbox too.

What happens if I receive a lead that is not interested and or not qualified?

We will credit this lead and not bill your account for it. We are in this business to provide valid leads and one of the qualifying factors is someone who is both interested and qualified to get an reverse mortgage. We do not cap the number of returns you make and we understand that not every lead will be valid. Many times consumers fill out information online with fake phone numbers or emails. Leads we accept for returns are: not qualified, not been able to get a hold of the lead, not interested upon first contact, and every other case in analyzed on a case by case basis. Our clients barely return any leads since we take very lead through a very long process to make sure they are interested/qualified before making the live conference call with you on it.

What happens if I need to pause my leads for a break?

You can pause your campaign that is not a problem. Just give us 48 hours notice via email.

How many leads do I need to order?  Is there a minimum?

There is a minimum commitment to join our network. Please complete the short form above to learn more about joining ALL WEB REFERRALS HECM lead program. We only work with licensed lenders who have a NMLS number.

What kind of lead flow can I expect?

Lead flows are based on internet traffic, which is based on population. CQS owns hundreds of websites in each vertical it operates to increase lead flow. We are constantly investing into our web rankings.

Due to the fact that we scrub our leads this also reduces the amount of leads available but ensures that this is the highest quality reverse mortgage leads you can buy and that we have a fair return policy for bad leads. Instead of focusing on how many leads you will receive we are more focused on generating high quality leads that have an intent to buy. Many other lead vendors will focus on volume through social media but not a leads are created equally. We do not use incentivized marketing or buy leads through other vendors. All of our leads are generated in-house through our own websites mainly through the search engines – creating the highest quality reverse mortgage leads you can buy.

The more states/cities you have the more lead flow we can give you.

What closing rate can I expect?

We have some loan officers closing 50% or higher. These are experienced loan officers who are focused on a very specific area and are also spending money on mailing the quotes. If you have a call center model and are not familiar with the area you can expect to close 15-20%. There are too many factors involved for us to promise/predict what your closing rate will be.

Can this be my only marketing channel?

Yes, hundreds of loan officers do just that.  However, having more than one lead source is a smart move. This will allow you to have more predictability in lead flow. Just compare apples to apples and don’t try to justify leads on prices because efficiency and closing ratio is majorly important. Also with ALL WEB REFERRALS the larger your orders are the more attention we can give your account and this will help lead flow if that is your main concern in having multiple lead companies working for you.

What happens if I hate the leads and want to quit?

Just inform us and we will stop sending you leads. We will only bill for valid leads. If you have prepaid we will finish out that order then pause your account.

What happens if I love the leads and want an exclusive for a specific area?

We can reserve specific areas for an increase in price and or a minimum monthly order commitment. Give us a call so we can discuss the details. This is negotiated on a case by case basis.

How much do they cost?  What can I expect?

Please submit the form above to receive our price sheet. Don’t focus too much on price as cheaper leads means more work for you. We are delivering a real qualified interested prospect live on the phone exclusively for you to quote – there isn’t a higher lead quality than that out in the market. Our track record and the fact we have provided growth for the top lenders speak for itself. If you need references let us know.

Where is your call center located?
A. Our call center is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

  1. What is the return policy?
    A. We have a straightforward return policy – we credit your account the same day for invalid HECM leads. If you receive a non-workable leads (bad phone numbers – can’t contact consumer – not interested – bogus lead) you can return leads through the CRM system we set up for your account. You can also simply reply to the lead you received and reason for return.