First and foremost please note that we have hundreds of happy clients. 

We also have a solid track record of delivering high quality leads since 2011.

Our consumer-facing website currently holds an A+ rating with the BBB. 

Unfortunately, there will always be a small % of clients who are not happy with our services. 2-3% of out of 100 clients won’t make $ with our ad/lead programs… This is due to many factors but not limited to:

1. Being slow to contact leads.

2. Not being competitive with pricing.

3. Limited products/services. 

4. Not using multiple communication channels (text/email/v-mails etc).

5. Unwillingness to follow up or attempt multiple calls/text/emails to get a hold of the lead.


Let’s be honest, not everyone is a closer, and no matter how qualified and interested our leads are… if you can’t close them some clients blame us! 

For any of you who have been in sales for a while should know that leads are important, there are levels of quality too. but ultimately it’s up to the salesperson to follow up / close.

We are constantly looking to improve our platform and if you have any feedback for how we can improve please deal with us directly vs going online to create a rip-off report. Most times we are able to resolve the issues and turn those clients to long term successful partnerships. 

Please note that when you purchase leads or ad program… it is not like buying a t-shirt at Walmart whereby you have 30 days to return (or you can get store credit). Most lead companies do not promise returns, but instead, the industry standard is to replace invalid leads.

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Please be aware we are NOT in any way shape or form affiliated with or owned by AWL / AllWebLeads (All Web Leads).

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